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Company profile at a glance

  • DITTRICH+CO, family-owned, medium-sized company
  • 107 employees
  • Core competence: plastic injection moulding and tool making
  • Specialised in high-tech plastics
  • Production halls with state-of-the-art 1-component and 2-component injection moulding machines
  • Production in three-shift mode
  • Clean room processing for glass bright materials and food packaging
  • Clamping force of the machine from 500 kN to 13,000 kN
  • Quick production and response times
  • In-house engineering & design
  • In-house tool making
  • Additional external purchase of tools
  • Production management system (PMS)
  • Production control system (PCS)
  • Assembly, packaging and picking
  • Logistics
  • Competent advice and support
  • Certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
  • Certified under DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Corporate policy

DITTRICH+CO GmbH is an independent company that operates throughout Europe, which is successfully active in the area of tool making as well as plastic injection moulding. In its core areas of operation, DITTRICH+CO GmbH is one of the leading companies. With innovative technology and progressive methods, we offer environmentally friendly, energy-saving and market-compliant solutions.
The strengths of the company are in its technologies and products, but particularly in its employees. Health and well-being are the foundation for the high performance ability and willingness of our employees. Well-trained, highly motivated staff aware of the company environment act in a conscientious and results-driven manner. They thereby make a crucial contribution to achieving our targets and therefore to the success of the overall company.
We use our integrated management system for quality, environment and energy as a tool for the consistent improvement of our services and activities, across the company.
The quality of our products and services is the overarching objective. The clear alignment to quality and customer benefit is a key requirement for our success.
Environmental protection and the use of renewable energies must be ensured at all times. We are fully committed to the principle of responsibility for the future. This is a fixed element of our thinking and actions. In this process, we consider economic, ecological and social matters equally.

We are committed to observing all legal and normative regulations.

Management manual

Our management manual is freely accessible to all our employees, external interested parties are granted access on request. We derive the following action principles from this:

  • Each individual employee of our company is responsible for quality, safety and environmental protection, as well as for its permanent improvement. To this end, we regularly set ourselves targets and ensure their implementation.
  • For our production processes, we ensure the safe handling of products and residual substances. We minimise the use of substances and energy as well as emissions and waste quantities.
  • Thanks to an open and continuous dialogue with our employees, customers and suppliers as well as with authorities, neighbours and the public, we create and promote mutual trust.
  • We observe the legal regulations. How we proceed here and achieve and observe our own additional standards is described in the integrated management system for quality, environmental protection and energy. This is aligned to the globally valid norms DIN EN ISO 9000 ff. and DIN EN ISO 14001 and considers the requirements of our customers.
  • Through training and further education, we raise our employees’ awareness and enable them to implement our action principles successfully.

Our self-obligation and action principles are the expression of our values, associated with the aim of:

  • being a preferred partner for our customers
  • offering our employees an attractive working environment and
  • fulfilling our social responsibility.

The management of DITTRICH+CO GmbH
Armin Dittrich, Andreas Muschak

Dittrich+Co Certificate ISO DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Sustainable business

The principle of responsibility for the future characterises DITTRICH+CO. We not only offer our apprentices the best possible training, but also prepare them for the principles of sustainable business during their apprenticeship years. The awareness for this is raised for each employee and they also know what responsibility we all have for ourselves and the environment.
Primary energy needs to be used sensibly and not as waste heat. For this reason, we use waste heat for further processes in our company and cover part of our power needs with our photovoltaics system. To keep the need for electrical power as small as possible at our company, our injection moulding machines are fitted with contemporary frequency converters and energy-saving control elements.
In coordination with our customers, regranulates or mill feeds can be processed to additionally save resources. Together with our customers, we are willing to maintain a world that can be cultivated and is worth living in as much as possible.

Our principle: Responsible behavior

Armin Dittrich, managing director
Manfred März, managing director
Andreas Muschak, managing director