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Development at a glance

  • Requirements analysis
  • Feasibility study 
  • FMEA
  • Catia V5
  • Mechanical FEM
  • Filling and delay simulation 
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Reverse engineering

Development and construction

Already from the first line, the designers work closely with all departments. The short routes within the group have an unbeatable competitive edge here. Regardless of whether you have a fully prepared CAD 3D model, a manual sample, a pencil sketch or only an idea - the developers of DITTRICH+CO implement your wishes.
Advice from the start - only when we know your requirements precisely can we later develop an optimal product. With experience and systematic FMEA, we can warn you about risks in good time and counteract them. Stress simulations, filling, pressing and distortion simulations ensure that you do not experience any surprises. Solid schedules protect you from project processes that are not implemented.

Your project manager advises you on materials and strains, be it mechanical, thermal, chemical or radiation exposure, be it that you wish to achieve special optical or haptic effects, we will find the optimal solution with you.

For data transfer, all standard CAD interfaces are available, such as native CATIA V5, native Acis, Step, Iges, VDA, DXF and others, in addition to all standard CAD interfaces. Secure data transmission via SFTP is also possible. If you like, we will also be happy to collect your data from the cloud.
Our optical 3D scanner made by GOM creates 3D coordinates, also for major components, which can later be made on our injection moulding machine with 13,000 kN of closing force. The scanned data can be imported in CAD and processed further - reverse engineering for new options.

DITTRICH+CO – more time for detailed constructive work.

Development competence

We develop components for one or multiple-component injection moulding and entire assemblies from plastics in combination with other materials. This means we need more than just CAD knowledge. It goes without saying that to analyse strains and deformations and the flow simulation FEM are important tools for the optimal series maturity tool design, but many years of practical experience remains our core competence.
We supply an unusual range of the most different sectors; as a synergy effect, we can therefore develop solutions that are as unusual as they are effective.
We design and make, on request also in direct collaboration with you at our plant, a service that is only rarely provided.  On request, you are given prototypes that are made with powder sintering, stereo lithography or 3D FDM printing.

Brought data constructively in the form

Construction – your contact partner

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