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Production control at a glance

  • Order also via RDT
  • Optimised production batch sizes
  • Optimised stocks
  • Deadline-controlled, planned production
  • Goods management system
  • Production control system
  • Integrated quality planning system

Production control

Comprehensive, transparent and effective: The production control, batch management and tracing of DITTRICH+CO guarantees timely delivery also in material and time-critical situations.

The orders are entered in our goods management system and automatically forwarded to production control. It assigns the staff required, the necessary machine times, materials, packaging and other resources in good time.
Subsequently, the operating orders in the production control system (PCL) are planned on the injection moulding machines. As they are linked online with the production control system, the unit numbers made are continuously updated, as are the remaining terms and start dates of the follow-up orders. Every change to the deadline is immediately incorporated in the planning.

If you have any further questions on the procedure, in particular on the status of your parts, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Thomas Thumm, Head of Production Control.

Competence – experience!

Sometimes your requested deadlines collide with the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day. Thanks to our dynamically updated production deadline monitoring, however, we always stay on top of things and react in good time. All processes are displayed to the minute on our electronic plan panel.
The experience of our employees helps us here too to find the best balance between batch sizes and stocks. Automatic follow-up production for agreed minimum/maximum stocks make your planning simple; talk to us, we will find the ideal solution.

DITTRICH+CO, reliable in its confirmation, on schedule in implementation. 

Resources – schedule available

Production control – your contact partner

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