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Finishing and assembly at a glance

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Gluing
  • Hot, film stamping
  • Skinning
  • Embedding inserts
  • Mechanical further processing
  • Varnishing, printing
  • Hot-dip galvanising, chrome plating
  • EMC coating, high vacuum evaporation
  • Laser marking

Assemblies and finishing

Be it further processing, finishing or assembly fitting: your end product comes from DITTRICH+CO!

In our in-house assembly department and with long-standing and tried-and-tested suppliers, we produce assemblies from individual parts.
Whether we make high-precision finished parts with CNC processing from semi-finished products or make your part shine through galvanising, chrome-plating, challenge us!
We add colour by painting, printing, hot-dipping or completing your product with inserts. EMC shielding and high-vacuum finishing is also covered by us.

Picking and logistics finally give your formed part or your assembly the label: “Excellent and ready for shipping - in the name of our customers”.


DITTRICH+CO collaborates closely with sheltered workshops/supply units with coordinated, specially selected and targeted work orders. This is a good win-win situation for all parties involved and makes a positive contribution to securing these workshops.

For that reason, in the interest of our customers as well as in the interest of the workshops, we approach new tasks in an open manner at all times.

DITTRICH+CO – including complex component assembly

Assemblies – your contact partner

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