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Our product ranges are classified flexibly. Our product areas are as varied as our customers. We use particularly high-quality and high-tech plastics in machine engineering, we guarantee the high number of units for locks and also offer our know-how in automotive parts that require in-depth advice or when designing housings.

The common or intersecting features of the individual areas are bigger than their differences. As such, you can find all areas materials categories in virtually all areas, from commodities to technical thermoplast through to high-tech plastics.

We are proud of the products that we make for our customers and wish to take this opportunity to thank you for our outstanding collaboration and the trust you put in our expertise and its implementation in practice.

For reasons of secrecy, which we observe in the interest of our customers, we cannot list or illustrate all our services or products.

If you have any questions please contact Mr März from project management.

Materials competence

ABS, LCP, PA, PE, PBT PC, PMMA, POM, PP, PPS, PS and SAN are only a small section of the plastics processed by us. It goes without saying that we have in-depth experience with filling materials such as flame protection, glass fibres, carbon fibres, talcum and propellants or with further requirements for paint stability, food licensing, conductibility, impact strength, e-module, UL listing, or reusability. We advise you comprehensively on alternative plastics for your project, their benefits and downsides or conduct materials tests for product optimisation.

DITTRICH+CO – trust our product and materials expertise.

We manufacture plastic products in all classes of materials

Project supervision - your contact partner

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Manfred März

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