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Inspection system at a glance

  • CNC-controlled 3D coordinates measurement
  • Colour tone measurement
  • Humidity determination
  • Filler content determination
  • GOM, optical 3D coordinates measurement
  • Melting index test 
  • Volume index test

Quality assurance

DITTRICH+CO is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Quality is our mission - starting from the goods inwards inspection, to production releases, the checks during production through to final acceptance in addition to initial sample inspection report in accordance with DIN or VDA.

Although we quality assurance employees naturally love detailed presentations, not every individual quality assessment procedure can be stated here of course.
Melt and volume index testing, filling content determination, humidity determination of the hygroscopic materials, the colour tone measurement, the CNC-controlled 3D coordination measurement tactile and the optical measurement with strip light projector (GOM) can be mentioned here.
To ensure traceability of the data, we conduct documented qualitative and quantitative tests with our production control system. All injection moulding machines are directly linked to our entry computer, which automatically displays the test cycles stored. Assessments regarding the machine ability and process ability are naturally part of the tasks of our quality assurance.

Competence measurement technology

To shorten throughput times during tool production or when determining the component quality, DITTRICH+CO relies on 3D measurement technology.
We work with devices from GOM or the quick measurement with high-quality results for all component sizes as well as for formed part areas that are difficult to access. In relation to tactile measurements, we receive large volumes of measurement data within a fraction of the time. At a glance, we get information on the dimensional accuracy and can thereby conduct more precise corrections to optimise with fewer correction runs.

Optical 3D Measurement – consistent part quality

Quality assurance – your contact partner

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