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Tool making at a glance

  • Tools with hot and cold channels
  • Tools with insert technology
  • Lubrication-free tools
  • 2K tools with index plate
  • 2K tools with rotary plates
  • 2K tools with switching
  • Tools with impregnating technology
  • Tools with coating

Tool making

The tool making of DITTRICH+CO is a strong connecting element between the construction and die cast departments. Construction data are directly forwarded to the CAM department and seamlessly to the machines. In close cooperation with die cast production, the die cast tools are optimised, maintained or modified to meet customer requirements.

DITTRICH+CO is equipped with the latest tool machines of OPS, Hermle, Deckel and Charmilles

Together with them, we define the requirements and decide whether the tool is to be made in in-house tool making or externally.
Thanks to long-standing cooperation with German, European and Asian tool makers, we select the correct production site for your tool. Regardless of where your tool is made, we are at your service as your sole contact. The entire process, from the concept to construction through to sampling, is monitored and documented by us.
For costs and quality to be aligned, we guarantee both with tool and process acceptances and the finish at our in-house tool making.

Tool competence

DITTRICH+CO knows the questions and answers to sophisticated production from experience in own tool making and in die cast production. We bring some 100 tools to start of series production every year. Meeting deadlines and quality are monitored and communicated comprehensively by your project manager. Regardless of whether you need a cost-effective tool for small series or a hardened, coated mass production tool, we will find the right solution for you.

We use various coatings for dry runs, demoulding aids and wear and tear protection as required. We also make devices and models for inspection and individual and picking arms for robots. We ensure a professional, optical result with ultrasound polishing technology through to high-gloss. We deliver etching structures, eroded or blasted visual surfaces to your wishes.

Everything for your quality – made by DICO

Tooling for a clean finish – made in germany

Tool making – your contact partner

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